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Vaginal Mesh Complications: Treatment of Failure/Recurrent Prolapse

Failure of the sling (ie persistent or recurrent urinary incontinence) and/or recurrent prolapse is a risk following any type of surgery and actually mesh use has been shown to have lower failure rates versus more traditional repairs. However, when failure does occur after one of these procedures it is VERY important that an expert is seen for further treatment. Having a mesh sling in place for incontinence or mesh graft in place vaginally for prolapse, will make any further treatment very complex and more difficult. It takes a true vaginal/pelvic reconstructive expert to complete a “re-do” after mesh surgery has already been done. Drs. Moore and Miklos are considered experts in this type of surgery and surgeons from all over the US send their complex patients requiring this type of treatment to them for this very reason. A majority of patients that Drs. Miklos and Moore operate on have already had one, two, three or more surgeries. Their cure rates are still excellent and in most cases over 90% with very low rate of complications. This comes from EXPERIENCE, EXPERTISE and RESULTS. They are considered world leaders in complex vaginal mesh surgeries and are asked to travel all over the world to lecture on their experience. Dr. Moore was recently asked by the International Urogynecology Association, to chair a post-graduate course on how to avoid and treat mesh complications, in Lake Como, Italy with other world leaders in mesh surgery on the faculty¬† including Michelle Cosson (France), AJ Rane (Australia), Jean Duprest (Germany) and others. ¬†Drs. Miklos and Moore will be travelling to Australia and Russia this year (2011) to operate and teach about mesh complication surgery.

Call now for a confidential consultation with Susie • Atlanta: (770) 475-4499 • Beverly Hills (310) 776-7588