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Incontinence Surgery (TVT, TOT, Mini-Slings)

Mesh use is considered standard of care in incontinence surgery. The TVT sling (Retropubic tension-free vaginal tape) ┬áhas been considered the standard of care for many years secondary to the fact that it has been studied since the mid-90’s and been shown to have the highest cure rate of any incontinence procedure to date with a relatively low rate of complications. Modifications of the mesh tape mid-urethral slings have been made in attempts to make placement less invasive and safer while still using the same mesh used with the TVT sling (ie again, this is a Type I, monofilament, macroporous mesh tape). These modifications have included the Transobturator approach (TOT sling) which involves passing needles through the groin instead of the abdominal wall and most recently the single incision mini-sling which eliminates external needle passes. ┬áDrs. Miklos and Moore have been at the forefront of bringing many of these technologies to the US as well as leading the research in them and teaching them all over the world! Because of this, they are also experts in dealing with complications seen with them and have surgeons from all over the US send them patients to take care of these.

Below is a list of PROCEDURES and *companies for slings

TVT-type Sling

  • TVT *Gynecare
  • Align *Bard Urology
  • Lynx, Advantage *Boston Scientific
  • IVS Tunneller *US Surgical
  • T Sling, Desara *Caldera Medical

TOT Sling

  • TVT-O, TVT Abbrevo *Gynecare
  • Monarc *AMS
  • Align-TO, Uretex-TO *Bard Urology
  • Obtryx *Boston Scientific
  • Obtape *Mentor
  • T Sling, Desara-TO *Caldera Medical


  • Secur *Gynecare
  • MiniArc *AMS
  • Solyx *Boston Scientific

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