Sacralcolpopexy Mesh Complication - Infection / abscess of mesh

Sacral Colpopexy Mesh Abscess

A 47-year-old patient began to experience vaginal and lower abdominal pain ten days after her laparoscopicall assisted vaginal hysterectomy and sacral colpopexy procedure and was found to have a vaginal abscess. READ MORE

Sacral Colpopexy Mesh Abscess and Mesh Extrusion

A 56-year-old experienced vaginal pus drainage, vaginal and abdominal pain and an inability to have intercourse eight years after sacralcolpopexy surgery. READ MORE

Vaginal Pain, Painful Sex & Right Lower Abdominal Pain following Sacral Colpopexy with Mesh

A 52-year old woman from Florida states that she didnít feel right for the first 18 months following her original sacral colpopexy surgery. She suffered from vaginal drainage and discharge and also had vaginal bleeding and pain. READ MORE

Right & Left lower Abdominal Pain, Vaginal Pain, Vaginal Discharge, & Mesh Extrusion following a Sacral Colpopexy

This patient is a 47-year-old female with complaints listed above. She claims her problems started after a sacral colpocervicopexy and a paravaginal repair for uterine prolapse and a cystocele utilizing PelvitexT (Polypropylene Mesh, CR Bard). READ MORE