TVT Mesh Complication - Vaginal pain / painful sex

Urethra Pain following TVT Sling

A 57 year-old patient experienced urethra pain, pain with intercourse, and complications with emptying her bladder as a result of SPARC (TVT-type) mesh sling surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence. READ MORE

Groin, Inner Thigh, Labia and Vaginal Pain after TVT sling

A 39-year-old patient suffered from vaginal, urethral, inguinal, thigh, and labia pain 5 weeks after an initial TVT Sling surgery. Complete Laparoscopic / Vaginal removal entire of mesh sling. READ MORE

TVT Sling - Mesh in Bladder & Vaginal Pain

A 52-year-old patient experienced pain and vaginal bleeding with intercourse following TVT Sling surgery. READ MORE

TVT Sling Complication; Supra Pubic Pain

A 52-year-old patient felt increasing pain in the right suprapubic region and a vaginal bulge following TVT Sling and Perigee (Anterior Wall Mesh for cystocele surgery). READ MORE

Mesh Extrusion from Posterior Vaginal Wall Mesh
& Lower Abdominal Pain following a TVT Sling

Following TVT Sling for Stress Urinary Incontinence and Posterior Repair for Rectocele surgery, a 62-year-old patient suffered recurrent prolapse, persistent urinary leakage, and mesh extrusion as a result of the mesh balling up and extruding through the vagina and the TVT sling going through the sigmoid colon. READ MORE

Lower Abdominal Pain, Pain Upon Sitting, Vaginal Pain, & Mesh Erosion into Rectum

The patient is a 56-year-old female from Chattanooga, TN with mesh erosion in the rectum. She reports pain upon sitting, after rectal exams, pain in her lower abdomen and the vagina. The patient had surgery four years ago and at that time had both Anterior & Posterior Prolifts (treatment of cystocele and rectocele using mesh) and a TVT Secure sling for cough urine leakage. READ MORE