TVT Mesh Complication - Vaginal mesh extrusion / visible mesh

Vaginal Mesh Extrusion & Vaginal Pain following TVT Sling

A 52-year-old patient experienced pain and vaginal bleeding after intercourse as a result of a TVT Sling which began to extrude through the vaginal skin. READ MORE

Mesh Extrusion from Posterior Vaginal Wall Mesh
& Lower Abdominal Pain following a TVT Sling

Following TVT Sling for Stress Urinary Incontinence and Posterior Repair for Rectocele surgery, a 62-year-old patient suffered recurrent prolapse, persistent urinary leakage, and mesh extrusion as a result of the mesh balling up and extruding through the vagina and the TVT sling going through the sigmoid colon. READ MORE

Mesh Extrusion & Painful Intercourse after TVT sling

A 62-year-old patient experienced painful intercourse and mesh extrusion through her vaginal epithelium following a TVT sling revision to correct an initial sling placement seven years earlier. READ MORE

Pelvic pain, vaginal pain and painful intercourse for both the patient and her husband.

The patient is a 53-year-old female whose primary symptoms include vaginal pain and painful intercourse for more than FIVE years. The patient reports she has been unable to have intercourse for more than two years. She reports urine leakage, which is exacerbated during orgasm. She also explains having intercourse is uncomfortable for her husband. Her original surgeon performed the TVT in 2003; at that time she was treated for a cystocele and cough urine leakage. She also had an anterior repair for cystocele with a TVT sling. READ MORE

Mesh Extrusion & Vaginal Bleeding following TVT-O Sling