Vaginal Mesh Kit Complication - Groin and/or buttocks pain

Chronic Abscess, Infection & Pus Drainage from Buttock Cheek after Posterior Vaginal Mesh Surgery

A 53-year-old patient developed a persistent sinus tract from her right buttock cheek with draining pus and multiple abscesses following Apogee surgery to treat rectocele, enterocele, and vault prolapse. READ MORE

Severe Vaginal and Buttock pain with Anterior & Posterior Vaginal Mesh

A 37-year-old patient experienced severe vaginal and buttock pain as well as pain with intercourse for three years following a total vaginal mesh procedure (Avaulta-Bard Urology) and a Total Vaginal Hysterectomy. READ MORE

Vaginal & Buttock Pain with Mesh Exposure after Anterior Mesh and Posterior Mesh Placement using Sacrospinous Ligaments

The patient reported pain from vaginal mesh exposure since her original surgery several years ago. She underwent surgical excision of the exposed mesh on two occasions, but this did not improve her pain. She then went to a major Academic Center in the Midwest. The center revised the anterior wall mesh and released the lateral arms of the sling and one arm of the Perigee (anterior vaginal wall mesh). READ MORE