TOT Sling Complication - Mesh erosion in urethra / bladder

Vaginal Pain and Painful Intercourse with TOT sling

Following anterior repair and a TVT sling placement, a 55-year-old patient suffered vaginal pain, bloody urine, and difficulty walking on account of abdominal pain, and was found to have the sling inside her bladder. READ MORE

Painful Intercourse & Bloody Urine with TOT Urethral Erosion

The patient is a 51-year-old woman from the Midwest who underwent surgery in October 2006 for urine leakage when she coughed and sneezed. She had a TVT-O (made by Gynecare) sling procedure by a urogynecologist. The surgery seemed to have gone well except that; on occasion she couldn’t empty her bladder completely. READ MORE