TOT Sling Complication - Groin pain / difficulty walking

Leg & Groin Pain after TOT sling placement

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Vaginal Pain and Painful Intercourse with TOT sling

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Severe Vaginal Pain & Pressure Radiating to Left Groin following TOT sling

The patient is a 44-year-old woman from Canada who has had five pregnancies and three children. She has consulted Drs. Miklos & Moore because of pain, which she reports started after her initial surgery only 15 months ago. She claims she has exhausted all potential urogynecologic surgeons in her area reporting that all of the surgeons told they could not help her. READ MORE

Vaginal Pain, Right Groin, Right Buttock & Right Leg Pain following a TOT Sling

A 45-year-old woman experienced vagina, groin, and buttock pain following TOT Sling surgery. READ MORE