TOT Sling Complication - Vaginal pain / painful sex

Pain and Urinary Leakage following Anterior Vaginal Wall Bladder Mesh and TOT Sling

After TOT sling surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence, a 53-year-old patient experienced vaginal and pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, and urinary urgency and frequency. READ MORE

Urinary Retention following TVT-O Sling and Recurrent Prolapse

A 56-year-old patient experienced an inability to have intercourse due to extreme pain following a rectocele repair with an Avaulta posterior wall mesh. Dr. Moore was able to successfully revise this surgery and alleviate the patient's symptoms. READ MORE

Vaginal Pain and Painful Intercourse following TOT Sling

Following TOT sling surgery, a 52-year-old patient began to experience vaginal pain and dyspareunia (pain with intercourse). READ MORE

Severe Vaginal Pain following TOT Sling and Posterior Vaginal Mesh Procedure

Following a total vaginal mesh procedure and TOT sling surgery, a 56-year-old patient experienced severe vaginal and button pain, along with pain with intercourse. READ MORE

Mesh Extrusion & Vaginal Pain with Anterior Vaginal Mesh

A 52-year-old patient experienced chronic vaginal pain, pain with intercourse, and vaginal mesh extrusion following TOT sling surgery and an avaulta anterior vaginal wall mesh. READ MORE

Vaginal Pain and Painful Intercourse with TOT sling

A 56-year-old patient experienced vaginal pain and painful intercourse after TOT sling surgery. READ MORE

Painful Intercourse & Bloody Urine with TOT Urethral Erosion

The patient is a 51-year-old woman from the Midwest who underwent surgery in October 2006 for urine leakage when she coughed and sneezed. She had a TVT-O (made by Gynecare) sling procedure by a urogynecologist. The surgery seemed to have gone well except that; on occasion she couldn’t empty her bladder completely. READ MORE