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Mesh Complications Patient Story 3

Urethra Pain following TVT Sling

Mesh Complications: Pain at the urethra, painful intercourse, bladder spasms, urgency, frequency, and urine leakage. Shortened vagina from hysterectomy and anterior and posterior repair without mesh.

Treatment: Vaginal removal and release of mesh tape sling and Laparoscopic Neovagina for shortened vagina.

The patient is a 57 year- old female who presented with complaints of bladder spasms, difficulty emptying her bladder, urgency, frequency, urine leakage, painful intercourse, and a shortened vagina for two years. She claims these symptoms developed after having surgery in June of 2010.

Prior to June 2010, the patient had stress urine leakage and what she believed was only a rectocele. She saw a urogynecolgist in Georgia and underwent a transvaginal hysterectomy (TVH), an anterior repair (AR), a posterior repair (PR) and a Sparc sling (Retropubic Sling). After the surgery, she developed the above symptoms. Her exam by Dr. Miklos revealed a four-centimeter vagina (normal is eight-twelve cm). Testing revealed difficulty emptying her bladder with elevated post urination residuals of 150cc (normal is approximately 60 cc). She was distraught over all the symptoms. Pertinent to the case was the urgency, frequency, difficulty emptying her bladder, and pain at her urethra.

She was taken to surgery and underwent a transvaginal approach to sling revision and removal of the sling beneath the urethra. Approximately three centimeters of sling was removed. After the surgery, she immediately noted a dramatic reduction of urgency and frequency and she could empty her bladder completely. The patient also underwent a neovagina (Davydov) procedure to lengthen her vagina. Her vagina was lengthened from four centimeters to ten centimeters, and she now has a fully functional vagina.


Case Study #3

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