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Mesh Complications Patient Story 1

Urinary Retention & Lower Abdominal Pain Following TVT Sling

Mesh Complications: Right and left lower abdominal pain, pubic pain & painful intercourse

Treatment: Complete TVT Sling removal (Laparoscopic Approach)

This patient is a 40+-year-old female from Salt Lake City, Utah who had her TVT (Lynx Sling, Boston Scientific) performed in 2007. Since that time she suffered from the inability to urinate and lower abdominal discomfort. She began performing intermittent self-catheterization to drain urine from her bladder to relieve pain. She consulted multiple doctors including: Gynecologists, Internists, and Urologists in hopes of finding a viable solution to her problems.

The patient successfully located a Urologist in Salt Lake City who was willing to remove only a portion of the sling (approx. one inch) to enhance urination. This portion was located directly beneath the urethra and could be done through an incision in the vagina. Through her own research, however, the patient discovered the removal of only a small portion most likely would not relieve her abdominal pain. To relieve her pain the entire sling would need to be removed (approx. six - eight inches). Multiple patients and surgeons said this procedure was not possible.

After additional proactive research, she discovered the information from various patients and doctors was incorrect. Drs. Miklos and Moore in Atlanta, GA were in fact successfully removing entire TVT slings laparoscopically. (Click HERE to view articles).

The patient came to Atlanta, Georgia and underwent surgery. Her initial results are astounding. She was able empty her bladder completely within 48 hours of surgery, the first time in three years. The pictures below show some of the surgical procedure.

Case Study Picture 1 Case Study Picture 2 Case Study Picture 3 Case Study Picture 4 Case Study Picture 5 Case Study Picture 6 Case Study Picture 4 Case Study Picture 5

Mesh Patient Testimonial

“I am grateful to have found Dr. Miklos and can appreciate his experience in laparoscopic removal of TVT slings. I am also grateful I could come up with the funds to fly across America and pay for the out of network expenses associated with its removal. I believe I am one of the luckier TVT complication survivors.”

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